New Product Launches – A Way For Speakers and Authors to Launch Their Book, Course, Or Seminar

New Product Launches: How Authors And Speakers Can Use The Internet To Sell Their Books And Book Speaking GigsSo what is a product launch? How will it help you sell your books and get your speaking calender packed with events? And most importantly how do you do a product launch?Having many years of marketing experience with a slant to product launches, and having just finished a product launch which hosted Dr. Stephen Covey, Sir Richard Branson, and President F.W. DeClerk, I’ll be sharing with you the most critical elements for you to launch your book and get bookings as a speaker.What A Product Launch IsA product launch is a new way of selling your book, getting noticed, and getting booked as a speaker. It uses the most powerful tools of the internet and combines it with selling to build massive buzz and momentum about your book release.Using very simple tools like email, you first develop a following of people and then engage them in a romantic sales process. You engage with the audience, you give away amazing content for free, but you do it in a way that steps them further through the launch. You can keep stepping them forward and with each step they get more anxious and eager to buy from you — and finally on launch day you let them release that tension they’ve been building up by letting them buy. My term “new product launches” refers to the fact that this is all done online and takes advantage of that web 2.0 phenomenon (aka social media) buzz you’ve been hearing about.How New Product Launches Get Your Books Sold And Your Speaking Calender BookedBy doing a product launch you can get not only a lot of book sales, but also a large fan base — which means you get on people’s radar. That means people start hearing about you and hence start contacting you to speak at industry events.The very nature of this is intended to get you in front of prospects who will likely contact you for bookings. You do this from finding joint venture partners. When you do a cross promotion launch with their email list and make a ton of sales, what do you think happens? They start talking about you to their other industry friends, and suddenly your the go to guy for your niche.A product launch lets you sell a lot of books and get you on the right peoples radar.How To Do A Product LaunchIf you’re skilled in marketing you could attempt this on your own. First you’d need to do market research ( book reviews are a good place to start) and learn the lingo of the market. Then you need to map out what content you’ll be giving away based on what the marketplace wants. You’ll also need to map out what objections you’ll be covering over the product launch (which will last 2-4 weeks). Finally you need to figure out what sales techniques (like scarcity and social proof) you’ll be adding at each step and the core offer of your product for launch day.Basically you’re giving away tons of free content over a few weeks, building up massive excitement, and then letting people buy at the end. People love this because it’s a super soft sell and they enjoy the process of buying (when was the last time you enjoyed being sold?).Another alternative is hiring a professional product launch manager who can handle all the market research, copywriting, and sales process of the launch. This frees you to simply create the content on your expertise.Whether you do it yourself or with a product launch manager, the key is that you start gearing your marketing campaigns around this model. Give away your best information over a small time period, build up excitement, and create a massive build up till sales day when you go live and let people buy your books. This gets you well known in the industry and sooner or later your phone will start ringing with requests for bookings.

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